Summer Day Camps – Making Magic Close to Home

Summer CampQuite often, magical moments are made close to home and this past Friday was no exception at our house.  In my never-ending quest to broaden my son’s horizons and keep him busy over the summer, I signed him up for several summer camps.  They are mostly “day” camps, but two are overnight.  While I expected him to have fun, I never expected I would find a moment so magical tears would trickle down my face and even my husband have a tear in his eye.

Last week, my son participated in Camp Broadway that was held at a local university.  Broadway professionals (yes, the ones from New York City) go around the country and work with children ages 10 – 17 on acting, singing, and dancing.  At the end of the week, the different groups of kids actually put on skits and shows for family and friends.  In addition, the campers have the opportunity to attend a Broadway Across America show (this year was The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess) and meet the cast over lunch the next day.

Blog Camp BroadwayAt age 10, my son was one of the youngest and yet he still had full participation.  He had a line in his group’s performance of Seussical, Jr.  He also danced and sang in all of the chorus numbers.  Even more fun, the groups of performers had to create their own skits with a theme related to the Nothing but Nets campaign to send mosquito nets to Africa to fight malaria.  The skit also had to incorporate music from a classical musical as well as a modern one.  My son’s group did a cross between Guys and Dolls and Footloose.

Having grown up in and around theater, I know how much work it takes to put on something like this.  These kids had just 4 days to put it all together and it was amazing!!!  They knew their lines, the songs, the choreography, everything.  Plus, my son came home with a wonderful appreciation for live theater and wanted me to sign him up for next year already.  I couldn’t help but be proud of my son and all the kids who did such a great job and grateful to the fantastic professionals who helped the kids make it happen.

Thank you, Camp Broadway.  I can only hope the rest of our summer brings memories such as this!

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