Two Things I Won’t Stay in a Hotel Room Without

Woman Standing On A SuitcaseClothes packed?  Check.

Shoes?  Check.

Toiletries?  Check.

Jewelry?  Check.

What I have a forgotten?  Oh, yes, two things that I never stay in a hotel room without.

1. Surge protector or power strip.  These days, we travel with a lot of electronics.  I have my phone, tablet, and laptop.  My son has his phone, laptop, tablet, game system, etc.  My husband, the low-tech one of us, has his phone and PSP.  They all need charged and quite frankly, most hotels are simply not equipped with enough outlets to handle it.  This weekend, we stayed in a beautiful suite and the only outlets in the living room were two behind the couch that had the only light fixtures in the room plugged into them and two behind the television that, of course, had the television and channel provider plugged in.  With a power strip, we were able to add enough outlets to plug my son’s stuff in while my husband and I shared the outlets in the bedroom.  Not perfect, but better than it could have been.

2. Disinfectant wipes.  I am not a germaphobe.  In fact, I am comfortable using the hotel bedding even.  That being said, hotel rooms, even in the nicest, high-end hotels, have numerous people in and out of them and while I’ve never had to deal with an unclean bed or unclean toilet, there are other items in the room that are touched by numerous hands frequently.  I wipe down places that are touched frequently: the television remote, the light switches, the door handles, the telephone keys and receiver, and any sink, toilet, or shower handles.  I just feel better knowing that my hands are touching clean items.

So now I’m curious, what are your “can’t sleep in a hotel room without it” items and why?

One thought on “Two Things I Won’t Stay in a Hotel Room Without

  1. Tina Martinez

    We ALWAYS have a little bottle of Febreeze. I just can’t stand a stuffy room, and I seem to get the room that smells like smoke even though it is a no smoking property. Then there is always the super flowery spray they sometimes use to “freshen” the air, I just Febreeze it away. I get the little travel size pump so it will fly with me too.



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