A New “Pixie Dusted Delivery” Service Designed to Help You Save Money at Walt Disney World

Nearly every time I have gone to Walt Disney World, I have preordered groceries or gift baskets or even decorations to be delivered to our room.  Generally, it was more a matter of convenience than saving money.  There is now, however, a new player in this arena: Pixie Dust Delivery Service that is more flexible and will work with you more than any service I’ve ever used.  I can’t wait to try it out on my next visit.  Here’s some info straight from the owner:

How to Save Money on Food at Disney World!

Have you every considered how much money you spend during a week’s visit to Disney World, just on snacks, beverages and breakfast? I have! I’m a former Disney World cast member, frequent vacation planner for family & friends, a mom of two who has taken Disney World vacations dozens of times in the past 20 years, and visited the parks over 300 times! Let me use my expertise to help you get more for your Disney Dollar. I started a business to deliver groceries and custom gift baskets to the Disney World area resort hotels! I also ship Disney merchandise and custom gift baskets to clients out of town, so they can get that little extra magic at home.

Here’s some quick info about pricing:

  • All orders require a minimum $50 purchase, plus a $10 delivery fee (or shipping which varies), a 20% handling fee, and 6 sales tax, where applicable.
  • My delivery services work a little differently than my competitors. They will give you a set list of grocery items, with set pricing. They also limit the hours and days they will deliver your order. My service allows you to customize your order to suit your family’s needs. There is complete flexibility for items and brands! And I will work with you to deliver your order at your convenience. I will also apply any special offers, sales, and coupons that I can find, to help you Maximize The Magic! You can even send me coupons for products you’d like, giving you even more for your Disney Dollar!

Contact me today for more information! I can be found at:
Facebook: “Pixie Dust Delivery Service
Phone: 407-440-3745
Twitter: @AmyLeto1
Email: pixiedusted18@yahoo.com

Pixie Dust Delivery Service:

Delivering All Your Disney Desires

with a Little Extra Magic!


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