School has Started; Vacations are Over? No!!!

School has started and thoughts have turned back to reading, writing, and arithmetic along with homework, book reports, science projects… well, everything but vacation.  Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean vacations have to stop.  One just has to get creative.

We’re already faced with a long weekend this weekend.  What are you doing?  We make plans almost every long weekend to do something to get away.  No, we can’t go as far, but who cares?  Especially this time of year, it’s still warm enough to enjoy a sandy beach, a hotel pool, or camping and nearly everyone has somewhere fun they can go that’s within an easy driving distance.

For us, this long weekend is taking us (well, at least my son and me) a little further than usual, meeting with friends we haven’t seen in months.  My son’s best friend, whose mother also happens to be a great friend of mine, moved away last December.  While they play online on the XBox and text each other, there’s nothing like getting together in person.  We’ve found a place between our two homes, rented a house to share, and are meeting up for us, the moms, to catch up, and for the boys to play.

If you’re looking for a deal, a number of hotel chains are still offering summer specials.  For example, Starwood Hotels had an ad on Facebook today for their summer deals.  Click here for details. has one week left on its Check-In Cash-Out Summer Sale.  I also saw numerous deals for local hotels just by doing a simple Google search of hotel sales.

I hope you find something for your family and have as much fun this Labor Day weekend as we will!

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