Walt Disney World for Adults? Check Out This New Book!

blog adult sideWalt Disney World for adults?  As in without kids?  Yes!!!  I have been to Walt Disney World without kids numerous times and while I love seeing my son’s face light up when we’re on his favorite attraction, I also enjoy, at least on occasion, being able to do what I want to do without being mom.  If you don’t think you could do it, then at least carve out some time for your children at one of the children’s activity centers or hire a babysitter so you can give it a try for an evening.  After reading this book, you’ll really want to!

Expanding on her successful blog, The Adult Side of Disney, Janice Brady has produced a book all about traveling to Walt Disney World for adults.  The book, which is also named The Adult Side of Disney, covers everything from which resorts have the fewest children running around to where to find the best adult beverages to locations for a romantic evening.

First, what I love about the book.  Admittedly, I’m not much of a drinker.  If I have one glass of wine with dinner a month, I’ve met my quota.  Her descriptions of some of the adult beverages, though, make me want to visit just to try them!  For example, one of the drinks is the Cajun Creamsicle served at the River Roost at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.  I’m not going to give away what’s in it, but let’s just say for me, one can’t go wrong with chocolate, banana, and ice cream.

The other part of the book that made me want to visit with just my husband was the romantic ideas section.  While we do often use the children’s activity centers so we can have an evening alone, we usually go to one of the parks or go to one of the restaurants.  Meanwhile, she has listed so many other wonderful things to do.  We will definitely incorporate some of these into our next trip.

Unfortunately, there was one thing that I didn’t love about the book.  I purchased the Kindle edition and at least the one I got is full of typos and grammatical errors.  For example, one section was titled, “DSINEY’S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS BARS AND LOUNGES.”  There is probably an error like this at least once every few screens, which made reading it take longer than it should have.

Overall, if you can overlook the grammatical and typo issues, the information is great.  Even though I have been to Walt Disney World many, many times, I got a number of new ideas for our next trip.  In addition, from what I know of adult things to do there, my opinions and knowledge coincided with hers.

The Adult Side of Disney can be purchased at Amazon.com.

One thought on “Walt Disney World for Adults? Check Out This New Book!

  1. The Disney Diva

    Sounds great! I’ll be going for a second (and hopefully last! ) time without kids. I’ve enjoyed exploring on my own, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that next time I go, I’ll have some little company 🙂



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