Vacation with an Emotional Attachment

Some vacations mean more than others and I can’t believe I’m about to embark on one of those. It’s not because it’s far. In fact, it’s only about a five hour drive from my house. Instead, it’s because I’m going to get to see something very near and dear to me.

Growing up, flowers, especially gladiolas, were a large part of my life. My grandma had tons of them. I remember helping to plant the bulbs in the spring, select and pick “glads” and other flowers for the annual garden show, and dig up and dust the bulbs for the winter only to start the process over the following spring. During the quiet, flowerless winter, a highlight was spending New Year’s Eve at my grandma’s house. We’d watch the ball drop in New York City before heading to bed and then like clockwork on New Year’s Day, we’d wake up to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. I couldn’t believe what they could make out of flowers and plants!!!

A photo from a newspaper clipping featuring my grandma and her flowers.

A photo from a newspaper clipping featuring my grandma and her flowers.

My grandma passed away 12 years ago; however, I still watch the parade on tv every year… but not this year. This year, my mom and I are going to see it in person! (For those wondering, my grandma also went to see it once in person.)

I won a voucher at a nonprofit fundraiser for Al Brooks Red Rose Tour. While I won this trip, it’s not unreasonably priced at $695/person for a double. It includes three nights at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, breakfast every day, lunch one day, a tour of the float construction barns as workers put finishing touches on the floats, a tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the post-parade Showcase of Floats, and, of course, grandstand seats for the parade.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos so watch for an upcoming post featuring highlights from the trip.

3 thoughts on “Vacation with an Emotional Attachment

  1. kad64

    I can totally relate and appreciate your sharing this. My mom just passed away three weeks ago, and memories of special moments and events like this keep flooding my mind.



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