Disneyland is Turning 60!!!

Photo used courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company.

Disneyland is turning 60? What better way to celebrate than a party? That’s exactly what Disneyland is doing for its 60th birthday and we’re all invited!!! Even better, this party is going to last more than a few hours or even one day.* The events of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration will begin on May 22 and there are a number of planned activities that were announced last week.

First, guests will notice that Sleeping Beauty Castle and Carthay Circle Theatre have gotten a makeover. They will be covered in “diamonds” as well as a sparkly “diamond” D. The glitter will be spread throughout the parks in decorations and banners.

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

Second, there is a new fireworks display called “Disneyland Forever.” From what I’ve seen, display is an understatement. Not only will there be fireworks, but also projections in different locations around the park. For example, all the buildings on Main Street, U.S.A. will look completely different as they are covered by jungle plants or lanterns like those on Tangled. From what I’ve seen, guests will be completely surrounded so will need to see it multiple times to see everything.

There also will be a special edition of World of Color called “World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney” appearing at Disney California Adventure. According to the Disney Parks blog, “Mickey Mouse will take guests on a fun-filled and inspirational journey through the unparalleled imagination of Walt Disney, exploring his decades-long legacy of memorable animated moments and the dream of Disneyland park.”

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

The part I’m most excited to see? The “Paint the Night” parade!!! So far, I’ve only seen photos and video, but it looks amazing. I am a huge fan of The Main Street Electrical Parade and while I know I will always love the nostalgia of that parade, this is definitely the modern version with smoother movement and brighter lights. Plus, Mac will be driving down the street! How awesome is that?

I know I will also have to take home a piece of the celebration in the form of the popcorn buckets. I have a few buckets from my visits over the years; mainly those that have caught my attention because they’re different or unique. These buckets are made to look like the Mickey head shaped balloons. How wonderful! A balloon that will never deflate. I also saw some really cool theming for the celebration merchandise as well as new diamond-shaped pins that will be released monthly.

In case you haven’t already looked at your calendar, May 22 is the Friday starting the long Memorial Day weekend and I just booked my room so I know rooms are still available. I can’t wait to go celebrate!


* As of this writing, Disney has not released an “end date,” but according to their blog, the events are expected to go at least until the end of 2015.




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