Want to Learn to Fly? Indoor Skydiving is a Must!

Ifly1If you’re looking for a fun family adventure, then I highly recommend iFly Indoor Skydiving. On a recent trip to Orlando, I was looking for something different to do and a friend suggested that she and I go do that.

Before booking, we checked out any restrictions and there are a few, but they can accommodate most people. They can take children as young and three and the only restrictions I saw for adults were a weight limit of 230 pounds for those under 6 feet tall and 250 pounds for those over 6 feet. There was also an issue if a flyer ever had a dislocated shoulder, back or neck problems, heart problems, or is pregnant. Since none of those applied, we booked our flight.

Upon arrival, we watched a short training video. Then our instructor went over a few more things, especially focusing on good flight position, and making sure all our questions were answered. Before we knew it, it was time to get into our flight suit complete with handles, ear plugs, goggles, and a helmet. Then we headed to the tunnel to fly.

I watched a couple of kids do it and then my friend before it was my turn. I got to the door where I was supposed to kind of fall into the tunnel hips first. The position felt awkward, but in I went, nervous that I was going to end up flat on my face on the floor. Well, it wasn’t actually a floor. It was more like a metal mesh that allowed the fan to blow the wind into the tunnel. Anyway, I needn’t have worried at all. The instructor and the wind kept me from even coming close to hitting my face. Plus, I quickly discovered that the wind is so strong, there is no such thing as falling. I did hit the bottom once, but it was like hitting a trampoline. I bounced right off!

At first, there is so much to think about. Do I need my legs farther apart? Closer together? Are my arms in front of my face? Is my back arched? Our instructor was great, making sure I got in the proper position to maximize my flight. I finally got it and I was on my own. I was flying! Of course, about that time, it was time to get out of the tunnel. Already?!? Good thing our package included two flights!

ifly2The second time was better than the first, mainly because I was no longer nervous and felt more confident about what I was doing. I still wasn’t willing to do a high flight where the instructor takes you high into the tunnel, but I will next time… and there will be a next time. I am also nowhere near the tricks and turns that they show in the videos, but our instructor gave a live demonstration so it is possible. They will provide lessons so that you can do that yourself if you want.

After the flight, we were given a copy of a video of our flight, which our particular package included, and were able to view and purchase photos as well. We also spoke to our fabulous instructor. Did I mention he was fabulous? I’m sure the flight could be fun with another instructor, but Brad really made our flight. He was absolutely great.

Not going to be in Orlando in the near future? Our instructor let us know about some other locations including one in Eloy, Arizona, not too far from where I live. On their website, I saw that they are everywhere from Chicago to Austin, Seattle to Virginia Beach and even internationally in places like London, Moscow, and Abu Dhabi. Check out their website to find a location near you.

2 thoughts on “Want to Learn to Fly? Indoor Skydiving is a Must!

  1. Kelly

    Every time I pass O’Hare I look at the iFly building and think it’s time to try it out. Thanks for the run down, I was wondering about adult restrictions. Next time you’re passing thru, we’ll skip the Hofbrauhaus and head to iFly!



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