Try a Local Hotel’s Romance Package this Valentine’s Day

Still looking for something romantic for this weekend? Consider sending the kids to their grandparents, a friends, or hiring a sitter and heading to a local hotel for a spa or romance package.

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day this year and my husband was OK with whatever. We usually go out for a nice dinner, which is great, but for some reason, I wanted more this year. I was looking around online for ideas and found that a hotel very near to us (within 15 minutes) was doing Valentine’s Day specials.

First, I contacted A+ Nannies, a service here in Phoenix. We have been contracted with them for years and have even had the same two sitters, Kaleen and Mariah, for years. They have locations around the country so sometimes I contact them for services when traveling, too! Anyway, Mariah was available so she is spending the night at our home with our son.

Then, I booked a fabulous package that included our hotel room, dinner for two, breakfast for two, and a couples massage, which is perfect for us. I’ve seen other packages, though, that include champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and rose petals. There are lots of options out there!

I cannot wait to spend a night alone with my husband. I also can’t wait for a morning where I can sleep in and someone else is making breakfast. I think it’s going to be great!



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