Plans to Keep the Kids Occupied this Summer

With so much of the U.S. completely blanketed with snow, I can’t believe I’m thinking about summer already, but I want to be sure my son has lots of options. Of course, he’d be happy sitting in his room in the dark playing video games all day every day from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. Yikes! We can’t have that. He is going to spend two weeks at his grandparents, but I want him to have some educational, but fun as well as active options. These are what we came up with.

SeussicalCamp Broadway – It’s being offered here in Arizona the first week of June, but it’s offered throughout the summer throughout the U.S. My son went to this camp last year and loved it. The campers, ages 10 – 17, meet Monday through Friday from 9am – 5:30pm. Musicians, actors, and choreographer from New York City’s Broadway teach the kids aspects of putting on a musical and, amazingly, they put on a show the final afternoon. Last year, my son’s group did an abbreviated version of Seussical. They also write and perform a show themselves.

Adventures in Space Summer Camp – Challenger Space Center in Peoria, AZ offers day camps for kids going into Kindergarten through 8th grades. For my son, this year’s themes are Traveling with the Tardis / Dr. Who and Hoax Busters. Both are totally up his alley! They do hands-on experiments, challenging them to think about and prove their theories. My son went to this camp a few years ago and loved it and I’m sure he will again now that he’s older.

With this he has three weeks of summer camps, two weeks at his grandparents, and we’re hoping to add one week of private swim lessons and a family trip to Disneyland so he’ll have a full summer. In addition, there’s a robotics camp that he’s been asking me about so we may even add that as well! There are so many options available from music programs to sports programs to science programs. There seems to be something for every child’s interests, which is great.

Do you have a kids’ summer program near you that you’d like to let people know about? Feel free to post information in the comments.



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