Back on Track – When Travel Gets in the Way of One’s Travel Blog!

A whole month has gone by since I’ve posted. A whole month! Where did the time go? It seems that all my travel over this last month has gotten in the way of my blogging. First, there were simply the very long days in London when instead of writing, I simply hit the bed in my hotel room each night. Then, there was this beautiful castle in Scotland where we were staying, but like most castles, it was in the middle of nowhere and with only satellite for internet, coverage was spotty at best. Of course, our flights back and forth had no WiFi and as soon as I got back, I was off to San Francisco where again, I was in a beautiful location but had rented a private home with spotty internet. So… here I am, a month later, wondering where the time as gone. Instead of lamenting, let’s play catch up, shall we?

Later today, I’m going to continue the series of photos and details from my UK trip including a fabulous visit to a private castle and tour by the Earl who lives there and what to do when there are bumps in the road as we did hit some literally and figuratively. Sprinkled in a little later will be reviews from Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary and 24-hour event. Plus, it’s Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World so maybe I’ll have to have some Star Wars themed giveaways! Be sure to stay tuned!!!

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