RunDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend – Registration Opens Next Week


With registration for the 2015 Star Wars Half Marathon opening on June 16, I thought now was a great time to repost this article from this past January.

The much anticipated Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend is in the books.  The Wookiee Welcome Party and all three races are done.  How was it?

First, I can only tell it from my perspective, which ended up more limited than I would like.  Instead of participating in all the festivities as planned, I ended up at an emergency dental appointment dealing with an abscessed tooth.  I did, however, still see enough and hear from others that it was amazing!!!

IMAG2654I did the 5K with my husband and son. R2D2 and C3PO were on hand to start the race.  How awesome is that?

IMAG2657There were plenty of Star Wars characters on the course to keep us entertained, although as usual, the lines were long.  I remember seeing Stormtroopers a number of times (maybe they were following us?), Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and there were several Jedi on hand to keep us safe.

IMAG2659Of course, there were also the mile markers that were Star Wars themed.  I must say, these signs were much better than the ones from the Avengers Weekend, although I was told by a runDisney Cast Member that it was due to Avengers licensing issues, but that’s a different story.

What would a race be without the bling? Even with the bad tooth, I finished the 5K, but I had to forego the 10K.  My husband ran it, though, so I will just have to covet his.






For the first time, I did stop to hear a couple of the speakers at the Expo. Being a Lord of the Rings IMAG2671_1fan, it was great seeing Sean Astin in person.  He has been doing a number of runDisney races and was on hand for the Star Wars ones as well.  He had photos and did a race/run recap.

All in all, I hope to do it again… this time without the bad tooth! (In the meantime, I’ve already registered for the Dumbo DoubleDare at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.)  I’ve also found that I really like the Disneyland races over the Walt Disney World ones for a couple of reasons. First, the Expo isn’t as crowded.  Want a pair of the New Balance runDisney shoes? No virtual queue needed here.  I was even able to get the size I wanted on the last day with no line!  Second, by staying at The Disneyland Hotel, the start and finish were a short walk from my hotel room. A short walk, which means no driving and possibly an even shorter walk than from the parking lot or bus dropoff for WDW races. It also hosted the Expo so I visited a couple of times since it was so easy to get to. Finally, it kept me in the action. The chEAR section was so fabulous for those half marathon runners Sunday morning, it even included a marching band, flag corps, cheerleaders, and so many chEARing fans that they could be heard loud and clear in our room on the 14th floor. With that, I could join them in spirit in spite of the bad tooth.

One thought on “RunDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend – Registration Opens Next Week

  1. Denai

    Im not a runner…but I want to start just to do one of the Disney Runs! I’ve heard nothing but great things about them!



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