We Want to See Your Funny or Attraction/Ride Photos

We’ve all seen them. Those photos that theme parks take while you’re on one of their rides or attractions. Sometimes, they’re OK, but lots of times, they are funny or crazy! People these days seem to know where the cameras are and intentionally make them interesting. Sometimes, though, it’s the unexpected that makes the photo great.

For example, one of my favorite ride photos, which I unfortunately do not have a copy of, was on Jurassic Park River Adventure® at Universal’s Islands of Adventure® in Orlando, Florida. My sister, my son who was about 7 or 8 at the time, and I rode it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my sister was nervous about my son staying in the ride during the drop so she not only held him, she covered him! You couldn’t even see him in the photo. It looked like she was laying on top of him. I don’t have a copy of it, but the image will be in my mind forever.

More recently, our photos have been more intentional like this one on Radiator Springs Racers® at Disneyland California Adventure Park®. It was during the 24-hour event so I thought it would be funny to look like I was sleeping, although the candid poses of the people in the backseat (who I don’t know) are funny, too.

Radiator Springs Racers

My friend Amy and I often plan our poses together like this one on California Screamin’® also at Disneyland California Adventure Park®. Our guide in front of us and the man in front of him are pretty funny, too.

California Screamin'

So, what about you? I’m sure you have some photos from attractions and rides you’ve ridden and we want to see them. Go to our Facebook page and find the post asking for your attraction/ride photos. They can be from any Disney park, Universal, LEGOLAND, Six Flags or even another theme park you’ve visited. Post your photo in the comments before Monday, June 29. Then, watch our blog on July 1 for a listing of the three photos we liked best. Those three will win a movie pack including an Inside Out Insider Access movie poster and a $15 gift card to AMC Theatres.

2 thoughts on “We Want to See Your Funny or Attraction/Ride Photos

  1. Donna C Degracia

    DL2015! Diamond Celebration. Brought my kids for the first time as a surprise and it was a SUCCESS 😊



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