School Sports are Nearly in Season – Does Your School Know About Remove from Play Sideline Concussion Screening?

Child SportsIt’s only mid-July, but in my house, we are already thinking about the return to school. My son’s first day is July 30!!! Even if your child’s school starts later, quite often school sports start earlier with tryouts and practices so they’re ready to go soon after that first day. I think sports activities are great and create many magical memories for children. Unfortunately, on occasion, those sports have an unpleasant side effect – injuries.

Concussions can be a very scary sports injury and diagnoses are often missed or delayed. There is a system, though, that is so simple and easy that it can be performed in just 2 minutes by anyone, no medical personnel required. My friend, Tricia, who majored in Athletic Training in college, wrote about this system on her blog, Pixie Dusted Treasures in the article “Remove from Play: New Method for Sideline Concussion Screenings.” Be sure to check it out and share with any of your child’s sports organizers.

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