Missing the #D23Expo? Follow Me!

Today and tomorrow and Sunday, I will be at the D23 Expo! I can’t wait to see everything they have to offer. I really can’t wait to hear the updates and news that will come out this weekend.

Unfortunately, I know so many Disney fans who are unable to be here who want to hear everything, too, so I will be posting updates as often as I can and for as long as I have battery life (I am bringing portable chargers so hopefully a long time) on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I’ll also be sharing more highlights from the Disneyland Diamond Celebration. Be sure to watch my social media for all the updates!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/magicalmemorieswiththemouse

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MMwtMouse

2 thoughts on “Missing the #D23Expo? Follow Me!

  1. Kristina

    I am looking forward to everything but extra excited about the additions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I want to be more excited to go there than I normally am now.



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