My Son’s Take on the D23 Expo

What I'm Most Looking Forward to at the D23 ExpoI’ve been seeing a lot of info online about the D23 Expo – people saying they were happy with what they saw or complaining about the lines or sharing photos. What I haven’t seen is much about visiting the Expo with kids. It’s all been an adult’s point of view, but there were some kids there, my 11-year-old son included. While he wouldn’t have last the entire Expo, there were a lot of times I was glad my son was there so I decided to ask him his thoughts and share them on here.

My Son's Take on the D23 Expo - A Child's Point of ViewWhat was his favorite part of the Expo? Getting to play Star Wars Battlefront before it was released. He also loved playing in the Star Wars Battle Pod. From what I could find out, basically anything in the Disney Interactive Pavilion counted as awesome. I guess from an 11-year-old boy’s point of view, video games would win out.

How did he feel about getting to see/meet some of the celebrities? “Yeah, that was cool.” Hmmm… not much elaboration there. What I can tell you is that his friends were screaming when they found out he met YouTuber Markiplier and YouTuber Captain Sparkles.  Not quite the celebrities I had in mind, but to my 11-year-old and his friends, they were better than Johnny Depp or Harrison Ford. He did think Ed Asner was funny, though (and probably finds it even funnier that I keep telling everyone that Ed Asner told everyone around that my son “is his buddy.”)

My Son's Take on the D23 Expo - A Child's Point of ViewWhat did he like about meeting the cast of the DisneyXD show Mighty Med? He really liked that “Skylar” initiated a group hug. “That was the best,” according to him. I’m sure he would have liked meeting cast members of his other favorite DisneyXD shows (Lab Rats: Bionic Island and Kirby Buckets) who were there as well, but with limited time, at least he saw one.

What did he think of the Silly Symphonies concert? He liked most of the cartoons, but he doesn’t “really like the black and white ones.” Interesting because he sat enthralled through the entire thing. I even said his name once and he didn’t answer.

My Son's Take on the D23 Expo - A Child's Point of ViewWas there anything else cool that he saw or did? “It was fun to draw with ‘MuffaloPotato’ and it was nice that he gave me a drawing.” MuffaloPotato taught his audience how to draw different Star Wars and Disney characters using letters and numbers.

When asked what he didn’t like about the Expo? He was bored. OK. That required digging a little further. He was bored in the lines. “There were a lot of lines to get in anywhere.” Yes, son, I have to agree with you there.

Would I take my son again in two years? I’d have to look at the schedule and see if there was anything he wanted to see. Just like this time, though, I’m sure I wouldn’t take him the entire time. While he visited the Expo in short spurts, we had a babysitter keep him a large portion of the time so that he had breaks from the lines and the crowds, only taking him when we knew there was something of interest to him.

For those who thought it was only for adults, though, I can assure you that there were things for kids. I focused on what my son liked, but I saw stuff for younger kids, too. There were photo ops with Sofia the First. There was a family play area. There was an entire Frozen area. Plus, those areas had virtually no lines whenever I was by them. It might have been fun to visit with a smaller child for a few hours, especially later in the day when there weren’t lines to get into the Expo. In fact, that may have been more fun because I wouldn’t have been so stressed out about getting into the Disney Store or a presentation and could have just been focused on my child’s fun.

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