No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise Line

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing our grown ups guide to Disney.

When traveling on Disney Cruise Line, I love all the family activities they have available. It really allows us to have quality family time doing things we enjoy together. I also look at the cruise, however, as time to do things for my husband and me or to simply take some me time. It’s during those times, that no matter how much I love our son, I’d rather take a break from children and enjoy some adults-only activities. Fortunately, Disney Cruise Line has those, too.

No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise LineEvery Disney Cruise Line ship has adults-only areas. The first one that always comes to mind for me is the adults-only pool deck. While there are differences depending on which ship I’m sailing, the amenities are very similar. There is the Quiet Cove Pool, a hot tub, a bar, and lots of lounge chairs or deck seating. Being adults only, that generally means it is quieter and the pool is a no splash zone where I can just relax. It’s not really big enough to do laps, but it is quite enjoyable. Just thinking of soaking up some sun in one of the lounge chairs drinking a daiquiri and reading a book is making me long for a cruise!

20160306_120648Next to the Quiet Cove Pool, one will always find the Cove Café. This is another lovely respite from all the activity. Think Starbucks on your cruise ship. They serve gourmet coffee and mixed drinks for an additional charge, but free of charge there are desserts to enjoy while perusing their library of magazines, watching television, or surfing the Internet if you have your computer along.

20160306_120923As long as I’m hanging out at the Quiet Cove Pool, I may as well check out Senses Spa on three of the ships (or Vista Spa on Disney Wonder), which is always nearby. Actually, this is where I spend much of my time (and most of my money) while cruising. I have tried nearly every spa treatment at this point. For some relaxation with your spouse, I highly recommend the Couple’s Choice. We were given our own suite. The treatment began with a foot massage and scrub, followed by a 20-minute soak in our private hot tub. Then, we were treated to a 70-minute massage of our choice and then enjoyed fruit and tea on lounge chairs on our private balcony. My next favorite treatment is the Thai Poultice Massage. Herbs are packed into a little ball which is used to massage like hot stones. A cruise is also a great time to try out new things like acupuncture, which I found out that in spite of how it looks, actually feels great with virtually no pain even as the needles are inserted. If you want to enjoy the spa area without a treatment, check out the Rainforest Room. There are different muds/poultices you can apply yourself, saunas, showers and lounge chairs. There is an additional fee, but the day pass is less expensive than most spa treatments. Please note that reservations are required for all spa treatments. They can be booked online prior to sailing, but there is usually still a good selection the first couple days of the cruise as well.No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise Line

If I’m looking for the perfect date with my husband, I look no further than Palo or Remy. These restaurants are on the top decks of the ships, are not included in the regular rotational dining, and like everything else in this post, are adults-only. Palo, which is named after the pole gondoliers use to steer their gondolas, features Northern-Italian food for dinner or one can go there for brunch. It is more upscale than the regular restaurants and there is a dress code. Dress pants and shirt are required for men and a dress or pantsuit is required for women. Jeans, shorts, capri pants, flip-flops or tennis shoes are not allowed.  In addition, there is fee of $30 per person for dining in Palo, but considering that at home, I’d pay a lot more per person for that caliber of restaurant, it is worth it.  Reservations are not only required, they should be made early. Plan to reserve Palo online prior to your sailing or at the latest, on the first day of your cruise if there is still availability.

No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise LineNow, how to describe Remy? Remy is, of course, named after the main character in Ratatouille, and in keeping with that theme, serves French-inspired food created by the chef of a 3-Michelin star restaurant. As one would expect, Remy takes fine dining to the nth degree. The service is impeccable. Each person basically has his own server so you receive everything at the same time as others at your table. In addition to the courses that one selects, there are “automatic” courses such as the cheese trolley where you can select cheeses to savor. During our visit, we each received a course of deep fried tomato soup. The crust was like grilled cheese and it had steamy tomato soup in the middle. It was incredible! There are also over 900 bottles of wine to choose from and they do offer pairings. Dinner is an additional $85 per person, but it is an experience you won’t forget. In addition to dinner, Remy offers a brunch for $55 per person, the Dessert Experience for $50 per person (5 courses of desserts!), a selection of small plates with a wine pairing for $50 per person, or dinner with a wine pairing for $125 per person. There is an even stricter dress code than Palo. Jackets are required for men (ties are optional) and women should wear a cocktail/evening dress or pant suit.  While Palo is available on all four of the Disney Cruise Line ships, Remy is only on the Disney Dream and Fantasy. Just like Palo, however, reservations are a must and I recommend that they are booked online prior to sailing.

20160307_161255After dinner is a great time to explore the many lounges and clubs the ships have to offer. While they allow children during the day, in the evening (beginning at 9pm on the recent sailings I was on), they become adults-only. I’m not a big drinker, but I sure enjoyed a Coke or non-alcoholic beverage during the fun activities! I love trivia and there were a number of opportunities to test my knowledge on general trivia or Disney trivia such as villain quotes or song lyrics. One night, we participated in a scavenger hunt that was particularly hilarious and on another, we relived the 80’s through music. I also enjoyed quiet time in the lounges just relaxing with my husband or rather often, there was some sort of musical entertainment to enjoy. For something with more octane, there are also dance parties if not every night, then nearly every night and of course, full bars with a complete assortment of adult beverages to enjoy.

No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line extends its adults-only theming to Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay as well. Serenity Bay is exactly as it sounds – serene. It is quiet and there really aren’t activities to do here, although cabanas can be rented. It’s really just a great place to stretch out in a beach chair, relax, and go for a quiet dip in the beautiful blue water of the Caribbean.

If you’re wondering where my son was while I enjoyed all these adults-only time, no worries, he was well cared for with the supervised children’s activities. In fact, from the Oceaneer Club to the Oceaneer Lab to Scuttle’s Cove to Edge, he has always wanted to go there for much of our cruise. So feel free to do like I did and let someone else take your kids for a little while and enjoy all the adults-only amenities Disney Cruise Line has to offer.

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11 thoughts on “No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise Line

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  4. Jennifer Kaufman

    Yes, yes, 100 times YES! You’ve nailed exactly why cruising quickly began to outpace even WDW for our go-to vacation choice. It is so wonderful to spend time apart from your family – even just an hour or two – and then come back together for most of the trip. I swear my kids fight so, so much less on cruises and I think that’s exactly why.

    We have always been super impressed with the adults only area of the ships, too. I think that because so many people DO travel with (and stay with) their kids, they are so much more serene than adult only areas on some other ships – simply because those ships have far more people traveling without children at all. That said, we cruised DCL before even having children and it couldn’t have been more wonderful and romantic!

    Thanks for the detailed info on Remy, too! We adore Palo but have never sprung for Remy. It’s just so much more expensive and while I’m sure it’s worth it, is it REALLY to those of us who travel with picky eaters? I’d rather eat at Palo a few time and never know what I’m missing! Someday, maybe…

    Great post!


    1. kim051172 Post author

      Thank you. DCL is becoming our go to over WDW as well anymore. My son doesn’t really care for the parks, but loves the ships.

      As far as Remy, from what I’ve seen, they will cater to picky eaters. My husband hates onions and he easily got full. I also have allergies so they brought me replacement courses as needed. I will admit that I really enjoy fine dining, though, so I’m a poor judge of whether it’s worth it. To me, now that I’ve had Remy, Palo is no longer worth it. If I’m going to give up one of my nights in the rotational dining (I love spending time with our table mates and servers), I’d probably only do it for Remy unless I was traveling with people who really wanted to go to Palo.



    A Disney cruise is perfect for adults! My husband and I went on one for our honeymoon, and we loved the adult only pools areas. The family pool always was crowded and loud, and we loved that we could just getaway and go relax and not have to worry about the crowds and noise. Palo was another favorite part of our cruise. I have never had a meal like that in my life! We are going on another cruise this weekend for our anniversary and I can hardly wait! Thanks for sharing!



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