My Cell Phone Is My Room Key

I love when technology makes traveling easier and it sure was handy last week. My son and I were traveling to Chicago. Our flight was scheduled to get in to O’Hare really late, 12:20am, so I booked a room at the Hilton O’Hare for that night. Since we were both really tired, the last thing we wanted to do was make any stops between the plane and the hotel room. With Hilton’s Digital Key, we didn’t have to!

This technology was actually announced in late 2014 for both Hilton and Starwood Hotel brands, but this is the first time I’ve been at a property where it’s been in use. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s how it worked for us.

I downloaded the free Hilton Honors app on my cell phone, then, once it was available, I checked into my room online. I went into the map to choose my room so I knew my room number immediately, but one can still have the hotel choose the room as well. At that time, I also requested the digital key.

My Cell Phone is My Room Key
Once the room was ready, I received a message with the room number and the digital key. Out of curiosity, I went to the digital key. It had required that I allow the app to have access to my location, which I did, and since I was nowhere near our room, it, of course, wouldn’t work, but I had to see what it looked like.

We finally arrived to the hotel at 12:40am, not too bad considering we were just at our gate at 12:22. I went straight to our room, tapped on the Hilton Honors app, waited a little bit for it to load, and this is what appeared.

My Cell Phone is My Room Key
I touched where indicated and within a few seconds, Voila!, I heard the door unlock and we entered the room.

I am loving this technology. No more having to stop by the front desk to check in? No more room keys to lose or get demagnetized? Sign me up!

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