Using Disney Gift Cards to Save for a Disney Vacation

Like most people, I need to save up to go to the Disney Parks. There are many different ways to do so including the Disney Vacation Account, but I have found that the best way for my family is with Disney Gift Cards. Plus, with Disney now making it so that gift cards can be tracked and transferred online, that has become even easier. Here are a few tips on how we use it to save.

Purchase the gift cards at a discount. There aren’t many places you can do this, but there is one I know of for sure. Target. We purchase ours using our red card which makes it so that we pay $48.50 for a $50 card or $95 for a $100. It’s not a lot, but it’s something and it adds up. I’ve also seen discounted cards at Sam’s Club and Costco.

Purchase the gift cards where rewards are given. For example, our grocery store awards gas points when gift cards are purchased there. For every $50 in gift cards I purchase, I get $.10 off my gas. Even better, paying with a credit card that gives a double bonus at the grocery store gives me even more savings.

Manage the gift cards at I used to have to hold on to all those gift cards I purchase to use at the parks and keep track of all the balances, but no longer. Now I simply load the gift cards onto my account and transfer the funds to one main gift card. That way, I only have to keep track of one card that I can use over and over. In fact, I simply treat it like a credit card. I can make payments for Disney trips with it, buy Disney Parks passes, use it in Disney-owned dining locations, and shop (at the parks or at the Disney Store near my home).

For me, another bonus is that since the funds are on a Disney Gift Card, I have to spend the money on Disney. It’s no longer an “if” I go to Disney, but a “when.”

What tricks do you use to save for a Disney vacation? I’d love to hear them.



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