The Perfect Mother's Day Getaway on Disney Cruise Line

An Ultimate Mother’s Day Getaway Weekend on Disney Cruise Line

Looking for a great Mother’s Day Weekend Getaway? This month’s Blogorail Peach Loop is full of ideas for Mother’s Day Weekend Getaways sure to please the moms in your life.

What does a perfect Mother’s Day Weekend getaway look like? Breakfast in bed? A spa package? Fun times with the kids? Free babysitting and a romantic evening with dad? How about just no cooking and cleaning for a couple of days? Perfect, right? That’s what I’m expecting for my Mother’s Day Weekend on Disney Cruise Line.

Breakfast in bed. I love the restaurants on board the Disney Cruise ships, but with room service included at no extra charge other than a tip, why not indulge? One can choose from different pastries, cereals, juices, and coffee or tea. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than getting up and making it yourself. I’d also be happy with the All Hands on Deck cheese plate that they took away but have since returned to the menu.

Go for a Weekend Getaway on Disney Cruise LineA spa package. I have to admit I tend to spend a lot of time in the spa when I cruise. I find the gentle rocking of the ship very relaxing and the spa experience adds to it. How about some Alone Time? That’s actually one of the options at the spa. It includes a choice of one of six 50-minute spa treatments and another hour just relaxing in the spa villa. Sigh… I’m dreaming of it already.

Go for a Weekend Getaway on Disney Cruise LineFun times with the kids. There is a plethora of activities for families on the ships. Perhaps you’d like to hang out at the pool. Maybe your kids are into cooking and would enjoy learning from a Disney chef. I know we enjoyed learning to make apple strudel in Anyone Can Cook on one cruise. I certainly love the shows and my son won’t miss a chance to play bingo. We also enjoy playing trivia, doing crafts, getting photos and autographs with the characters… there are simply too many options to list them all. Needless to say, we get in some great family time on our cruises.

Free babysitting… I love being with my son, but as all moms know, sometimes it’s nice to get away, too. That’s where the kids’ clubs come in. My son has been going to the clubs since he was 3 and pottytrained, which are the minimum requirements for the clubs. The clubs provide supervised activities separated by age: Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab for kids ages 3 – 12 (Club usually for younger kids and Lab for older), Edge for ages 11 – 14, and Vibe for ages 14 – 17. My son loves the clubs so much I don’t think we’d see him the entire cruise other than for sleeping if we allowed it. If your kids are younger than 3 or not pottytrained, there is an option for them as well. It’s a Small World Nursery is a paid child care service ($9.00 per hour per child for first child, $8.00 per hour per child for additional children). Reservations are recommended as space is limited and can be made online prior to sailing similar to other cruise activities.

Go for a Weekend Getaway on Disney Cruise Lineand a romantic evening with dad. Now that the kids are set, let’s have a nice evening with dad. While the regular restaurants are amazing, Disney Cruise Line does have a couple of options that are adults only for an extra charge. Palo is on all four Disney ships. From the Disney Cruise Line website, “Named after the signature long poles used by gondoliers in Venice, Palo serves an adult-exclusive restaurant serving Italian fare in an intimate setting amid stunning seaside views.” The cost is $30 per person and reservations are required. They can be made online in advance of the cruise. If you’re sailing on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, then you have the option for a truly amazing dining experience at Remy. The menu selections were created by the chef of a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Reims, France (to give an idea of how impressive the top 3-star rating is, note that there are only six 3-star restaurants in New York City) and the chef of the award-winning Walt Disney World restaurant Victoria & Albert’s. The cost is $95 per person, but if you’re even remotely a foodie or simply want an over-the-top dining experience for less than half of what it would cost elsewhere, this is worth it. They Go for a Weekend Getaway on Disney Cruise Linebring course after course of food and the service is the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve eaten at a lot of very nice restaurants). My only regret is that my stomach wasn’t bigger. I ended up having to take my dessert to my cabin in a box.

No cooking and cleaning. For me, being a guest on Disney Cruise Line even takes this a step further. Not only do I not have to cook or clean, the food is amazing and there are darling towel animals and chocolates waiting on my bed each evening. I can truly relax

BUT… isn’t this supposed to be about a weekend getaway? One can cruise just for a weekend? Of course! This year, Disney Cruise Line actually has two short cruises around Mother’s Day. The Disney Dream nearly always has 3 or 4-night cruises and they happen to have a 3-night cruise leaving Friday, May 12. Imagine Mother’s Day on Castaway Cay! That’s where that cruise will be on Sunday. For people in the western United States like me, there’s also a cruise that weekend leaving from San Diego on Friday, May 12. This 2-night cruise goes to Ensenada, Go for a Weekend Getaway on Disney Cruise LineMexico before returning to San Diego. Being so short, these cruises still come with all the amenities, but don’t cost as much as the longer cruises and fewer vacation days or missed school days are needed.  It’s a perfect mini vacation!

For my Mother’s Day, I’m getting spoiled. Not only am I going on the 2-night Disney cruise, we’ve tacked on a couple of days at a resort in beautiful San Diego where I can continue being pampered. I can’t wait!

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  4. James Cameron

    A Disney cruise certainly has everything mom could want, including some first-class entertainment, as well! I had to look and was surprised to find there were still cabins available for next month… if only I had that kind of cash!



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