How to Make FastPass+ Reservations for Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Travel Planning for First-Timers (or Those Who Haven’t Been in a Few Years) – Part 3: FastPass+

No one wants to spend all their vacation standing in line waiting to get on an attraction. With advance planning using the FastPass+ system, you don’t have to at Walt Disney World. FastPass+ allows you to reserve a one-hour window to go to an attraction and enter via the shorter FastPass+ line instead of the regular, standby line. This can cut the wait time down to 15 minutes or less, and it’s free. Many first-timers make the mistake of assuming it’s an extra cost. It is not so be sure to take advantage of it.

Disney World for First-Timers - Making Fastpass+ SelectionsThe first thing you’ll need to do is link admission passes to each person for whom you’re making a Fastpass+ reservation. When purchasing a ticket from while logged into your account, it will actually allow you to assign the ticket to yourself or someone in your Family & Friends List upon purchase. If you have an actual, physical ticket, log in to, hover (do not click) over My Disney Experience, and click on My Reservations and Tickets. Find the blue bar that says, “Don’t see your tickets?” and click on Link Tickets. Using the ID number on the back of the ticket, you can add the ticket to your account so that it can be assigned to the appropriate person. If you purchased tickets from a third party vendor who only sent you a voucher instead of an actual ticket, that voucher will need to be exchanged prior to making FastPass+ reservations. I advise when purchasing from third party vendors, that you make sure they’re a reputable, authorized seller (the two best known are ParkSavers and Undercover Tourist) and check to see if you can get actual tickets in advance or if it will be a voucher that needs to be exchanged at a ticket window. For FastPass+ purposes, you really want actual tickets in advance.

Now that everyone in your party has an admission ticket assigned to them, you’ll be ready to make FastPass+ reservations when your booking window opens. If you have a reservation to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, your booking window opens 60 days from your check in date. For everyone else, FastPass+ reservations can be booked 30 days out.

My trip is in 30 days!!! Now what do I do? After logging in on, hover (do not click) over My Disney Experience and then click on FastPass+. Select Add FastPass+.

Disney World for First-Timers - Making Fastpass+ SelectionsWho all is going to ride or visit the attraction with you? Select your traveling companions from your Family & Friends List (see why we added them in the beginning?) and click Next. Select the date and then select the park for which you want to reserve FastPass+.  You will then be taken to a screen where you can select the time for the first attraction you want to reserve. Once you have confirmed that attraction, you can continue to make reservations for the same day until you have three attractions reserved. It should be noted that different parks have different FastPass+ rules. For example, Epcot does not allow a guest to have a FastPass+ for Test Track and Soarin’ and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. You must choose one of the three and then select from the other attractions for the other two FastPass+ reservations for that day.

Disney World for First-Timers - Making Fastpass+ SelectionsAll advance FastPass+ reservations are made one day, one park. One can’t reserve an attraction in two different parks on the same day if reserving in advance. Once you’re at the park that day and the first three FastPass+ reservations are used or the windows have passed, however, a new FastPass+ reservation can be booked in any park. Selections are likely to be limited at that time, though, as the most popular attractions are booked well in advance.

What if I need to change the day or time of my FastPass+ reservations? It’s easy. Simply hover over My Disney Experience and click on FastPass+ just like you did to make a reservation. Find the FastPass+ you need to change and click on View Details. From there you can modify the FastPass+, change the traveling party, or cancel the FastPass+.

How to Make FastPass+ Reservations for Walt Disney World ResortThis can also be done on the My Disney Experience app. Go to the appropriate app store for your device and download the free My Disney Experience app. After logging in, your icon will appear in a circle at the bottom of the screen (mine is Mickey Mouse). Click on it for a menu. Under My Plans, there’s an option for Get FastPass+. Booking and making changes from the app is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t forget to check this after your advance FastPass+ reservations are done for the day. You can make another FastPass+ reservation at that time and continue doing so as they are used or the hour window has passed.

Take a photo or screenshot of your confirmation as a backup. While the system has improved, FastPass+ still sometimes doesn’t work exactly as it should and your FastPass+ reservations may get changed or deleted. Unfortunately, no technology is perfect. Not even at Walt Disney World.

©Disney – Used with permission, WDWNews

©Disney – Used with permission, WDWNews

So, you’ve gotten your FastPass+ reservations booked and you’re now at Walt Disney World ready to use them. Yay! Sometime during the hour window that you selected for the attraction, go to the entrance of the attraction and look for the FastPass+ line. At the line entrance, there will be poles, one on each side, with the Mickey face just like the one at the park entrance. Put your park ticket or your Magic Band against the Mickey face until it turns green and you can enter the line. Keep your park ticket out as you will need to do this once more before entering the attraction. Be sure to pay attention to your hour window!!! The system or the Cast Member overseeing it may allow you to enter the line a few minutes prior to the window or a few minutes after it ended, but outside of that, if you miss the window, you’ve missed it. You’ll have to make another FastPass+ reservation or stand in the regular standby line.

My light didn’t turn green!!!! Don’t panic. It happens. It used to happen a lot, but it’s gotten better. You’ll be standing next to a Cast Member overseeing the FastPass+ line. See what they do. Sometimes, they simply override the system and let you through. Sometimes you have to politely (please be polite, it is not the Cast Member’s fault that it didn’t work) show them the photo or screenshot showing your FastPass+ reservations (you did do that, didn’t you?) and they will override the system. As long as it truly was an error in the system and you are nice to the Cast Member, it is likely you will still be able to enter the FastPass+ line. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to go to Guest Relations to get something worked out, but I’ve never had that happen.

The attraction was down during my FastPass+ window!!! It’s OK. Disney has planned for that situation. If an attraction goes down, you will get a FastPass+ that is good for one visit until park closing for an attraction of your choosing (in that park). Note that there may be some restrictions based on your original FastPass+.

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