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Are Your Favorite Disney Parks Attractions Undergoing Refurbishment?

Will your favorite Disney Parks attraction be open on your next visit? Check out our handy list of scheduled closures.With so many of the Disney Parks undergoing “facelifts” these days, it can be hard to keep track of what’s open, what’s not open, when attractions will reopen, and what is being closed permanently. To help with your trip planning (and my own), I’ve put together a list of attractions that at this time, have scheduled closures. (Of course, these are subject to change.) I hope your favorites will be open for your next trip!!! Continue reading

Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration 24-Hour Kickoff Event – Nighttime Shows

The new nighttime shows were really why I wanted to attend the 24-hour event. I’d seen sneak peak videos of them and I was intrigued. They looked great. I also wanted to see for myself if they lived up to my high expectations. I practically know Remember… Dreams Come True by heart (and I loved that Julie Andrews narrated) and tear up when watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes I really wish things would be left the way they were. Which would this be?

They were AMAZING!!!! The Paint the Night parade is nothing short of spectacular. I loved it!!! The floats are huge. The lights are bright. The Main Street Electrical Parade will always have a special place in my heart, but this was great. For the Disneyland Forever fireworks, with all the new projections, there was so much to see I didn’t know where to look! World of Color? There are more lights, more videos, more effects… just more! Photos and video can’t do them justice, but I know so many can’t get to Disneyland to see them so while it’s making this post really long, I’m going to share photos I took and at the bottom, I’ve a link to where my videos can be found. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading