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Planning a Disney Cruise Line Vacation

Disney Cruise Line Tips for First-Time Cruisers – Part 2, On Your Cruise

Planning a Disney Cruise Line Vacation

Last week, I shared tips for preparing for your Disney Cruise Line sailing. This week, your cruise has finally arrived!!! These are tips for use during your trip.

Port check in is pretty easy. They’re used to first-time cruisers. Be sure to go to the port during your designated port time that you chose during online check in as it will save time. If there isn’t someone already directing you what to do or where to go, simply ask. If you have luggage you want to check, be sure your tags that were sent to you in your booklet are on each piece (read the instructions on the back – it may seem self-explanatory, but if not done the way they show, you may find yourself struggling to get them off your bags) and give them to the porter. BE SURE YOUR CRUISE BOOK, YOUR PRINTED SIGNATURE FORM FROM ONLINE CHECKIN, AND YOUR GOVERNMENT-ISSUED CITIZENSHIP DOCUMENTS ARE NOT IN YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE. You’ll need them to check in and you won’t see the checked luggage again until late afternoon or early evening. In addition, just like flying, don’t put Continue reading

Disney Cruise Line Tips for 1st Time Cruisers

Disney Cruise Line Tips for First-Time Cruisers – Part 1, Preparing for Your Cruise

In just three short weeks, I will be leaving on my 8th Disney Cruise Line voyage and my 11th cruise overall. This one, though, will be quite different as I am traveling not only with my own family, but with four other families, none of whom have ever cruised or even set foot on a Disney Cruise Line ship. I’m actually looking forward to it. There’s just something about the wonder of traveling with someone for whom everything will be new. I’m so excited for them. I have realized, however, that there can also be a lot of questions and one can end up with too much information when researching, so I put a list of tips together for those with whom I’m traveling and am sharing them here with you. Continue reading

No Kids! Enjoying the Adults-Only Areas of Disney Cruise Line

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing our grown ups guide to Disney.

When traveling on Disney Cruise Line, I love all the family activities they have available. It really allows us to have quality family time doing things we enjoy together. I also look at the cruise, however, as time to do things for my husband and me or to simply take some me time. It’s during those times, that no matter how much I love our son, I’d rather take a break from children and enjoy some adults-only activities. Fortunately, Disney Cruise Line has those, too. Continue reading

11 Reasons Not to Cruise? I Think Not!

Cruise ShipWhen my husband sat down to dinner the other day and said, “I just read the dumbest article on reasons not to cruise,” my curiosity was peaked. When he said it was on MSN, I had to check it out. Sure enough, I found an article called, “11 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Take a Cruise.” Now, I love going on cruises so I read it wondering what I had missed. Apparently, I didn’t miss anything. The writer of this article assumed that when one is cruising, one packs a swimsuit but leaves one’s brain at home! Here were the 11 reasons: Continue reading