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Why Do You Like Disney Cruises So Much?

“Why do you like Disney cruises so much??”

It seems like I’ve been getting that question a lot lately and I’ve thought about the things I like about them such as the amazing service, but after further thought, I realized it came down to three things: family time, one-on-one time, and me time. Continue reading

My Take on Disney Cruise Line’s Star Wars Day at Sea

My Take on Disney Cruise Line's Star Wars Day at SeaWhen Disney Cruise Line announced that select cruises would include a Star Wars Day at Sea, I knew I was going. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan myself, but my husband is. Since they’ve just announced that they are going to offer them again in 2017, I thought it would be a good time to share our experience on how this cruise differed from our other Disney cruises.

First, keep in mind that it is a “day” of Star Wars, not the entire cruise. While there were a few differences throughout the week, if one is expecting there to be Star Wars every day, there will be some disappointment. Also, if one is thinking it’s ONLY that day, that’s not the case either. Continue reading