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Disneyland Raised Prices Again - How Bad Is It?

Disneyland Raised Prices Again – How Bad Is It?

Disneyland raised their ticket prices again yesterday and with it came the inevitable complaints. It seemed like I couldn’t go anywhere on social media without seeing comments about Disney’s “greed” or that they’re pricing average families out of being able to visit the parks. It does appear that this is one of Disney’s highest increases in recent history, but just how bad is it? I decided to do a little price checking. Continue reading

Theme Park Etiquette – How to Be a Courteous Disney Parks Guest

How to Be a Courteous Theme Park GuestI am fortunate that I get to go to the U.S. Disney Parks on a regular basis. If I miss something one trip, no big deal. I’ll see it next time. Many people, though, only get there as a trip of a lifetime. In remembering that, I do my best to be courteous of my fellow park guests. I’ve seen OFTEN how other park guests’ attitudes and actions can really make or break an experience for those around them. Here are ways you can be courteous to your fellow park guests and improve everyone’s experience. Continue reading

Staying Somewhere Unique and Special – Renting Vacation Homes

Staying in hotels is happening less and less for my family. It’s not that we’re traveling less, we simply have found a better option for us – renting an entire house. I love having the room. My son has his own bedroom and my husband and I have ours. There’s a living room that we all can enjoy. Plus, we have a kitchen that even if I don’t cook, I can still store milk, juice and snacks in a full-size refrigerator and eat them on real dishes.

One other advantage I’ve found with recent rentals. Some of them are really unique and special! One such place was where we stayed for a trip to Disneyland last week. It was a 4-bedroom home just a short drive or reasonable walk from the parks that the owners have dubbed “The Disney Theme Home.” It is definitely that. When walking through it the first day, my son remarked, “Mom, I think we’ve found someone who loves Disney more than you.” Continue reading

It’s Disney Parks Moms Panel Application Time Again!

Moms Panel PagePart of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to share my knowledge and love for Disney travel.  I am a Disney Vacation Club member, have been on four Disney cruises, travel to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort regularly, participated in several runDisney races, and have even planned corporate events at Walt Disney World.  I know, however, that I am not alone in my passion and knowledge of Disney travel for each year, thousands like me apply to be selected for the Disney Parks Moms Panel. Continue reading