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Why You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Disney Vacation

Five Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Next Disney Vacation

As much as I travel, I rarely use a travel agent. Yet, there are times that I know that using one is extremely beneficial. Planning a Disney vacation is definitely one of those times. Why? Continue reading

Saving for a Vacation by Prepaying

I’ll admit it. I’m not very good at saving money. I always feel like if I do this or get that, I’ll put the money back into savings someday, but someday never comes. Unfortunately, if I want to travel, it requires putting some money away… or does it?

I have found a way to not only save money for travel, but often save on costs as well. I prepurchase much of my vacation! Plus, it works on everything from hotels to rental cars to admissions to meals. How? Continue reading

Finding Cheap Gas for Family Road Trips

Save and Cut Your Costs gas station filling fuel pump miles perHaving just returned from a lovely family road trip to Sedona, Arizona, I have discovered just how much fuel prices can make or break our plans.  If I have to pay so much for gas, I won’t have enough left over for attractions or fun.  Fortunately, there are some apps that can help find the least expensive gas available nearby. Continue reading