THE Mouse Was Born

This is not the mouse

When someone says “THE Mouse,” generally people think of Disney’s Mickey Mouse… unless you grew up in my family.  In my family, I’m THE Mouse.

Yes, I’m a huge Disney fan.  Yes, I go to the Disney Parks multiple times per year.  Yes, I have cruised numerous times on Disney Cruise Line.  Yes, Mickey Mouse is my favorite Disney character.  BUT NO, that is not why I’m called Mouse.  In fact, all of that came years later.

When I was learning to write my name, I started with the letter K, then wrote the I, then wrote the M.  Unfortunately, I wrote from right to left so when done, it looked like MIK.  MIK was very quickly changed to Mickey and replaced with Mouse.  I guess I should be grateful that my name wasn’t Kay like my sister.  I’m sure you can imagine what her nickname was.  The funny thing was that I was more of a yak and she was more of a mouse!

Anyway, Mouse it was and while my family rarely refers to me as Mouse anymore, it did stick and it seemed like a great name for my blog.

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