What I’m Most Looking Forward To at the D23 Expo

What I'm Most Looking Forward to at the D23 ExpoI leave for my very first D23 Expo tomorrow. Like I always do, I have researched and planned and planned and planned some more. I’ve even contacted people who have been before so I could play 20 questions. At first, in looking at the schedule on the website, I figured there wasn’t that much going on so I was good. Then the app came out with the full schedule, and I discovered that the website schedule left probably 90% of the events out! How can one pick and choose from the great offerings going on simultaneously?!?

I quickly learned that the only way to do the Expo is to prioritize. I needed to pick my top thing each day and then anything else I get to is just a bonus. My priorities? Shopping. I want to check out all the new merchandise and buy at least a little of it. I’m sure my budget won’t handle purchasing everything I want, but I’m hoping I can also prioritize and buy what I want most. Second, I love Once Upon a Time so I’m really hoping to get to that panel. Even better would be if I can snag the dolls so I can get Ginnifer Goodwin’s and Lana Parrilla’s autographs, but with a limited edition of 300, I’m not counting on it. Third, I’m crazy excited about hearing what’s coming to the Disney Parks. Several announcements are expected to be made and I’m anxious to see what’s next, especially with all the changes that are coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In addition, I’m a huge music fan so I’m really hoping to get to the Disney in Concert: A Silly Symphony Celebration. There are actually two presentations planned to I may get into one… I hope. Oh… there’s just so much more I’d like to see, too, but I’m trying to do as suggested and prioritize.

None of those, though, are what I’m most looking forward to during the D23 Expo. As a mom, I always want my son to have a fabulous experience and as soon as he heard the casts of his favorite Disney XD shows, Lab Rats: Bionic Island, Mighty Med, and Kirby Buckets, were going to be there, guess where he said he wanted to be? Of course, he wants to be at those photo opportunities. So as a mom, what am I to do? My top priority is now getting to at least one or two of those and you know what? That’s OK because what I’m most looking forward to is the smile on my son’s face and his excitement at meeting the actors.

I will be at the D23 Expo all three days August 14 – 16 and will be sharing what I learn and photos on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/magicalmemorieswiththemouse. Be sure to follow along so you can be first in the know, too!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Most Looking Forward To at the D23 Expo

  1. Kristi Schoeman

    The only item I want are the OUT dolls because I am life long doll collector and show fan but I am not a gold member nor do I have a sorcerers package so I know I won’t get them. There are 10 for resale already on eBay, this is were they go, to the scalpers and not the show/doll fans that actually attend the event. Greed is the unofficial villain present in the magic kingdom.


    1. kim051172 Post author

      You know, I used to be upset about it, but have been able to look at the other side somewhat. If I were to spend $2,000 on a Sorcerer’s Pass (how expensive!) and/or spend all night on a cold, hard convention floor and/or fight the crowds of people who want these items to get an item for someone else, I would want to be compensated. There is both time and money involved in getting them. If Disney didn’t set limits on how many can be purchased, I’d be upset, but for all that, they can only buy a couple leaving some for everyone else who was willing to shell out that kind of money or time.



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