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Why You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Disney Vacation

Five Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Next Disney Vacation

As much as I travel, I rarely use a travel agent. Yet, there are times that I know that using one is extremely beneficial. Planning a Disney vacation is definitely one of those times. Why? Continue reading

How to Make FastPass+ Reservations for Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Travel Planning for First-Timers (or Those Who Haven’t Been in a Few Years) – Part 3: FastPass+

No one wants to spend all their vacation standing in line waiting to get on an attraction. With advance planning using the FastPass+ system, you don’t have to at Walt Disney World. FastPass+ allows you to reserve a one-hour window to go to an attraction and enter via the shorter FastPass+ line instead of the regular, standby line. This can cut the wait time down to 15 minutes or less, and it’s free. Many first-timers make the mistake of assuming it’s an extra cost. It is not so be sure to take advantage of it. Continue reading

Walt Disney World Travel Planning for First-Timers (or Those Who Haven’t Been in a Few Years) – Part 2: Making Dining Reservations

Reservations for those restaurants that take them, dinner shows, or dining packages can be made 180 days in advance. If you are staying at a Disney World Resort, then you can make them 180 days from your check in date through your check out date as long as it’s within 10 days, so slightly longer than 6 months. Certain restaurants book up really, really early such as Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom and Le Cellier in Epcot. Many character meals (restaurants that have Disney characters visit your table while you’re dining) may also sell out early as well. In addition, during peak periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, ALL restaurants that take reservations are likely to require reservations well in advance. For those that don’t make reservations, there are still fast food type options available in all the parks and at the resorts that don’t require nor take reservations. Continue reading

Walt Disney World Planning - How to Set Up an Account in My Disney Experience

Walt Disney World Travel Planning for First-Timers (or Those Who Haven’t Been in a Few Years) – Part 1: Setting Up My Disney Experience

Going to Walt Disney World as often as I do, I take it for granted that I simply know what needs done when. This fall, though, I am fortunate to be traveling to Walt Disney World with a large group of my family and friends, many of whom have either never been to Walt Disney World (how tragic!!!) or who haven’t been in a long time so are not familiar with things like My Disney Experience or FastPass+. As I was typing up basic information on how to get started planning their Walt Disney World vacation, it occurred to me that there are lots of other people who could use this information as well, so I’m sharing it here, too. I hope it helps someone in their planning!

Before making any plans, you’re going to want to set up an account on My Disney Experience. It will make your life a lot easier in the long run. Continue reading

Buying Disney Souvenirs for the Kids without Breaking the Bank

Buying Disney Souvenirs for the Kids without Breaking the Bank

Saving money on a Disney vacation may seem impossible, but it’s not! In this month’s Blogorail Red Loop, we are sharing ways for you to save money while you’re at Disney.

When looking for ways to save money when visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, many people look to the big savings like booking plane tickets on a discount airline, finding inexpensive hotel rooms, and alternate dining options. I applaud all of those, but I want to add one more way to save – souvenir shopping. When traveling to the parks with children (or even adults), souvenirs are so tempting! Unfortunately, they can also be expensive, but you don’t have to forego any souvenir shopping. There are ways to buy souvenirs without breaking the bank. Continue reading